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What Anxiety Feels Like

Racing heart. Tension. Anxious Thoughts. Inability to relax. Upset stomach. Feeling of dread.

Anxiety can be overpowering, both physically and mentally. At times it can be so debilitating that it may make it difficult to speak or think clearly. Sometimes, people may even feel frozen in place. The lack of control can leave people feeling helpless.

People suffering from anxiety may avoid going out or being with friends because they are fearful of having an anxiety attack. They also may not want to admit that they are struggling. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting to pretend to be okay.

If you’ve been scared to reach out for help, I understand. But I can also promise you there is relief on the other side. The more we are open up about our experiences, the more we open ourselves up to compassion, growth, and a way forward. 

Remember, everyone experiences anxiety differently. Through working with a qualified mental health provider, you can learn to recognize signs of your anxiety as well as tools to overcome its debilitating effects.  

Take control of your anxiety. Reach out for help today.